The health benefits of playing lawn bowls

It is recommended playing bowls, particularly for people who think they are past very active sports or those who think sport is not for them, as it provides a number of health benefits, including:

Improved fitness

Improved coordination and skill development

Increased confidence and self-esteem

Enhanced mental well being

Low risk physical activity, because it is low impact

Social discourse with a friendly crowd

Community connectedness and support.


Visually Impaired Bowls

Bowls is one of the most popular games for people with sight loss in the UK

The visually impaired can play a very good game of bowls. few adaptations to the rules are necessary, though the method of play varies slightly. Once the visually impaired bowler has learnt the techniques of the game, it is possible to play with minimal assistance from sighted partners and/or opponents. You will notice the string stretched between the centre points of the rink. This gives guidance to the player where the centre of the rink is to place the jack and judge where to stand

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