Worthing Pavilion Bowling Club thank WorldBowls  for allowing us to reproduce Etiquettes from their web site

Some of the common etiquettes for the sport of bowls include:

• Wear appropriate footwear (flat soled shoes)

• Avoid dumping bowls or dropping bowls on the green

• Avoid leaving the rink for long periods of time

• Avoid resting feet on the ditch or in ditch

• .Avoid being offensive or using offensive language to your team or opposition

• Avoid straying on to neighbouring rinks

• Hand bowls to one another when convenient

•Avoid distracting players on neighbouring rinks

• Share the task of kicking bowls after the completion of an end

• Avoid distracting players whilst a player is on the mat preparing for delivery

• Refrain from interfering with the head until the result of an end has been agreed upon

•Shake hands at the start and end of the game

• Collect all mats and jacks and return to the usual distribution point

Bowls Environment

Green care

A key role of the coach is to educate your players on the importance of green care. All clubs rely heavily on the quality of their greens and it is the responsibility of all players to ensure the work of the greenkeeper is not detrimentally affected by any player’s actions during practice or play.

Team Spirit

Support Each Other

Show open and full support for your playing partners. Engage in positive encouragement and appreciation. Shaking hands, a slap on the back and a word of encouragement such as “you can get this” can be great motivators.

Avoid Criticism

Never openly criticize your teammates. Never turn your back on any of their deliveries as a mark of disgust, and do not provide unnecessary or gratuitous information, such as “your narrow” “you are not up” or ” you are heavy again. These are the biggest turn-offs in the game.

Hide Your Feelings

Never allow the opposition to see that you are worried or rattled. Be careful your body language does not give you away. Miserable faces and frustrated gestures can inspire opponents. The game as they say “is never over until the fat lady sings”. Quite often she may be clearing her throat, also quite often she can be prevented from singing by a spirited fightback.

Work as a Team

A good four/triple/pair know each others’ strengths and weaknesses and play the appropriate tactical game to suit. If the situation allows it let the player play the shot he fancies.


Always communicate instructions and information clearly and concisely. Support your vocal advise with hand signals to indicate distances.