Worthing Pavilion Bowling Club Ltd 

is managed by a Board of Directors

Worthing Pavilion Bowling Club is a Limited Company The Club was founded in 1948 and became Limited on the 2nd of May 1960. It is Limited by Guarantee of  its members to the tune of 0.05p. per member. The Directors are playing members and are elected by the full members for a three year period at the Annual General Meeting that is held once a year (usually late September or early October) in accordance with the Current Companies Act.  The Directors as well as running the daily operation of the club are also responsible to ensure that the statutory requirements are complied within accordance with the many laws requirements I.E. Companies Act 2006, Enterprise Act 2013 and Health &Safety Regulations 2013 to name but a  few.

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Directors Reports

     Directors Nomination

The Playing Officers are responsible for arranging and running matches against other clubs and running the club’s internal competitions

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